Why Are People Opting to Play PUBG Instead of Fortnite?

Two games in the world are ruling the gaming community; PUBG and Fortnite. From celebs to ordinary people to children, everyone is opting for Fortnite. PUBG holds a strong position at the top due to pubg wallhack.

Check out the reasons why PUBG is better!

  • Overall game style

PUBG’s mechanics and imagery are raw and more realistic than Fortnite. Such realism in game invokes the urgency in a gamer’s mind. It aids in staying away from gunfire and collect resources to stay alive. Moreover, unlike Fortnite, this game doesn’t allow to build in air out of nowhere. Also, there aren’t any colourful or glittery weapons in abandoned houses, hospitals, etc.

This game depends on realistic control and art. It raises a player’s stake and makes it exciting and offers an adrenaline rush. This feeling makes the game more enjoyable and fun especially to play with friends. Such realism and battleground hacks make this the ideal game. Click here for more PUBG hacks, aimbots and more!

  • Large maps

PUBG has two maps Erangel and Miramar. Developers are still working on the third map Savage; its release should be in the next few months’ time. Both existing maps are approximately 5 square miles which are double than Fortnite’s. These are desolate land with wide open area where snipers can shoot from 100 yards away.

Such a vast location leads to gamers spreading out in different distant areas making the game last longer. Also, suspense increases after more players die in a match.

  • Realistic and accurate shooting

Apart from mechanics and imagery, the realism can also be observed in combat such as shooting and choosing various gun types. Similar to real life, players are forced to adjust aim after every shot. Moreover, varying reloading speed depends on a weapon.

Most fights take place in a long distance situation which makes hitting a character even harder. This might frustrate beginners but players who chalk out an adequate strategize and use PUBG hacks are heavily rewarded. Such accuracy and realistic shooting are missing from other battle royal games.

  • Driving various vehicles

Both PUBG and Fortnite features shrinking battle arena that means travelling fast to different locations is a must. However, due to such a large map, a PUBG gamer can drive motorcycles, cars and also boats which Fortnite gamers can’t.

Defensive players can use these vehicles to escape a gun-fight. Also, offensive players can use cars for mowing down enemies. Using battleground hacks like vehicle hits is the ultimate combination which a player can opt for improving his/her performance.

  • Mature and intense

Trying to play Fortnite after an individual has gone through a few rounds of PUBG is like riding a cycle with training wheels. Though it offers an ego booster, each round gets less interesting as well as less satisfying. PUBG is a game which creates an intense situation when playing, making it more fun for gamers.

So, if you are looking for the combat of your life, then PUBG is the game for you. Just remember when playing always use PUBG hacks like ESP, Vehicle hits, Bounding Boxes, etc. especially if you are a rookie. These hacks offer you the best experience and provide a chance for going head to head with pros.

So, get your copy today and start playing!